After a few months of cold weather and shorter days, spring is finally here! I’m sure most of us are ready for the sun to shine, green grass to grow, and flowers to bloom. For many homeowners, the start of spring is also a reminder to start spring cleaning. Here are some tips that will help you get your home security ready for the warmer months


Be aware of your security system when you’re redecorating

Does your spring to-do list include a new big-screen TV or furniture purchase? Re-arranging or changing furniture and appliances may change the efficiency of your security system. Make sure that when you redecorate, your security cameras are not blocked and your motion sensors are clear.


Check your window locks

Spring is a good time to clean the interior and exterior glass. It’s also the perfect time to open and close every window and make sure the locks and seals are properly securing the window. If any of the locks seem loose, tighten or replace them. It’s also a good time to install inexpensive window pins. They’re available at any home improvement store, and are easy to operate—just pull the pin out to unlock and open the window.


Clean out your basement, garage, and sheds

Remove old cans of paint, oils, stains, solvents, paint thinners, and other hazardous materials from your basement and garage. Check with the sanitation department in your town to locate the drop off center for hazardous waste. You should also ensure there aren’t any toxic cleaning products under your kitchen (or bathroom) sink. If you find any dispose of them properly as well.

When it comes to your sheds, they can sometimes go unused until spring when you pull your equipment out. Be sure that you have secure locks on all of your storage doors, or you may find your expensive equipment missing next time you go to use it. You may even want to include these storage areas in your homes overall security system, adding contact points, alarms, and cameras if necessary.



Overgrown landscaping can become a burglar’s dream. Most burglars will see these overgrown areas as an opportunity to be able to get in and out of your home without being noticed. When you are spring cleaning, be sure to remove any dead shrubs or trees and clear away debris and cut back overgrown areas. When planting new shrubs or plants, be mindful of how tall and wide they will grow. Make sure that all entry points are open and easily seen, deterring burglars.




As the sun sets, head outside to check your home’s lighting. Walk around the outside of your property to make sure that all lighting is working correctly. Bad guys love the dark, so replace burned-out bulbs around doors, garages, and patios. Lighting along sidewalks and stairs also makes it safer for residents and guests to enter your home and harder for thieves to stay hidden.



Do a walk around your property, both inside and out. Check that all of your window and door frames are still in good working order and that they haven’t been weakened by the winter weather. Check any security sensors you have on each window and door to make sure the sensors are still working. You may want to change the batteries out on your sensors to make sure they continue working properly. Be sure to gently clean away any cobwebs or debris from motion detectors and security lighting. It is a good idea to periodically test your security system to make sure it is working properly.  Make a plan to have any security issues fixed quickly. Central Security customers have the option of having a recurring yearly system check where our techs clean and test all sensors for you.  Contact us at (910)692-2871 for more information on how to be added to our recurring system check.


Get your house ready before heading on that hard-earned spring or summer vacation

Before leaving town, notify your security company and provide short-term alarm response contacts and instructions so your provider knows who to contact if you’re unavailable. Suspend delivery of newspapers and postal mail while you’re gone. If you’re expecting package deliveries, have a plan to get them off the porch as quickly as possible.

Also, use signage to make it perfectly clear to would-be thieves that your home is fully protected—even if they learn that you’re away. Central Security is happy to provide its clients with additional signs or replace any older signs, so please give us a call if you could use new signs: (910)692-2871.