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Cartell Driveway Alarms NC

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The Cartell DriveGuard™ line of driveway alarms allows you to choose how you want to be alerted when vehicles enter your driveway.

The DriveGuard Basic™ is a basic stand-alone system that will trigger sounders and/or cameras when vehicles enter the driveway. No longer will you be surprised by drive-up visitors!

Its sensor is buried beside and near the end of the driveway, hidden and vandal-proof. It only detects moving steel, eliminating false alarms caused by animals or blowing objects. Its control unit is installed in a basement or closet and its sounders fit in a light switch box.

With two adjustments and a choice of sounders, this is one of the most versatile and reliable basic car detection systems in the market today. It is also a dependable system with a long field life and a five year warranty. It has a proven track record since 1975.

American made and supported!



Dedicated Commitment

From day one, Cartell’s mission has been to provide customers with the best, highest value vehicle detection systems available. Unlike other suppliers, Cartell makes no other products. Its total focus is on continually improving and enhancing its systems, while delivering standard-setting service and support. As a result, Cartell has earned and maintained its position as the leader in its industry.

Technology Leadership

Cartell pioneered the use of magnetometer technology in commercial vehicle detection products in 1975. This innovative approach offered a new, highly effective alternative to motion detector systems, which are prone to numerous false alarms and other disadvantages. Cartell does this with minimal disruption to the driveway. While competing suppliers have created copycat products, Cartell has remained the leader by constantly improving on its technology, upgrading its features and enhancing its systems. Year after year, Cartell continues to provide the best quality, most dependable vehicle detection systems on the market.


Industry-Leading Quality

Cartell offers only commercial grade vehicle detection systems, designed and manufactured for maximum dependability and longevity. Rugged components, cables and materials greatly reduce the failures typically experienced by other systems from wear and tear, lightning strikes and environmental deterioration. Some of the original Cartell systems installed in the 1970’s are still functioning like new, making dependability the number one reason why distributors and installers recommend Cartell.

Exceptional Service and Support

Cartell value begins with the quality of its design, materials and manufacturing. It is ensured by exceptional service and support. Cartell goes above and beyond to make sure every product is installed professionally and functions properly, delivering the full range of benefits to its customers. It is then backed by a 5- year warranty – longer, by far, than any competitor.

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