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Why Secured Wireless Monitoring?

Telephone lines are widely used to link alarm systems to the central station. The telephone system is susceptible to problems caused by weather, accidents, equipment failures, and natural disasters. Any of these problems could prevent your important alarm messages from reaching the central station. The solution: AES IntelliNet, a secured communication network of radios dedicated to alarm monitoring.

The radios are small and self-contained with battery back up to monitor from 1 to 99 different conditions such as: high water, pump failure, generator start (or failure to start), loss of power, loss of phase, low head pressure, etc.

Our solution at Central Security Systems provides a fast, direct link between your site and our central station. Your radio alarm signals reach the central station in 2 seconds or less on average compared to 30 to 60 seconds for most telephone or cellular technologies.

AES IntelliNet is a full 2-way, digital, secure wireless communication network. Every alarm message is confirmed and acknowledged. 2-way networks are far more reliable than 1-way systems which cannot confirm that the message was received.

Our radio system uses a “mesh network” to ensure that your alarm message gets through. The signals have many paths to reach the central station. In contrast, a telephone line provides only a single path. If that single path fails for any reason, the link fails.

For more details on AES IntelliNet technology and our Environmental Monitoring Services, please call Dick or Ron at (910) 692-2871.  We look forward to meeting your needs.



Burglary alarm communications need to be reliable, but alternative technologies are often hampered by technology obsolescence and line cuts

  • More and more people are abandoning traditional phone lines in favor of VoIP and/or mobile phone service that isn’t set up to communicate with alarm systems
  • Internet telephony is not reliable enough for life safety applications
  • Cellular-based services charge recurring monthly fees, ongoing technology sunsets and change-outs are costly and inconvenient as well as cause occasional outages and signal delays

AES solutions eliminate these challenges and enable alarm dealers to provide highly reliable services:

  • AES-IntelliNet® was designed specifically for alarm communications
  • AES-IntelliNet® provides the quickest response time available with the fastest transmission speed available in the alarm and security industry, delivering critical event signal in just 1-3 seconds compared to internet and telephone/cellular which can take up to 45 seconds
  • AES-IntelliNet® private networks are completely owner operated and controlled without reliance on public infrastructure
  • AES-IntelliNet® mesh radio technology will never sunset or be affected by changing cellular standards and does not require repeated costly upgrades


Losses from a fire can be devastating to your family or business.

  • A fire doubles in size and intensity every 30 seconds
  • Internet transmission speed takes 4-6 seconds
  • Telephone lines and cellular can take up to 45+ seconds to send alarm to the monitoring station

Making alarm communications faster,  AES-IntelliNet patented technology provides the quickest response time possible delivering critical event alarm signals in just 1-3 seconds.

  • When seconds count and lives depend on it, AES saves time transmitting alarm signals and getting notification to first responders
  • AES 7788 Smart Subscribers are NFPA compliant and UL listed, ideal for commercial fire alarm systems with advanced wireless fire alarm monitoring and highest long-term stability
  • The new AES 7795 AES-IntelliPro Fire™ Series full data module (7794) with 7762 hardware supervisory module and 7740 annunciator for local trouble identification is UL 864 listed for primary standalone alarm communication from fire subscriber, ideal drop-in full function replacement for phone lines with full alarm signal data and flexible installation options for new systems or retrofit of existing systems


There is an increased demand for services that provide greater convenience and utility such as alarm system control, event notifications, and remote access 24/7.

  • Consumers want a secure remote control solution that allows them to check status and arm/disarm their system away from home or office in an instant
  • In today’s hectic world, more and more users want the ability to manage their daily needs on their mobile devices and internet access

AES Corporation’s SiteLink24® provides Interactive Security Services for AES-IntelliNet.

  • AES Interactive products offer the best of both worlds combining AES-IntelliNetpatented mesh radio technology with the fastest and highest reliability for delivery of alarm and other critical signals plus SiteLink24 Interactive Security Services delivered via high speed internet
  • The AES 7659 is an add-on full data module enabled for AES SiteLink24 interactive services that easily installs in AES smart subscriber housing and is powered from the alarm panel keypad bus—compatible with popular Honeywell, DSC, and GE NetworX alarm panels featuring primary or backup communications with phone line
  • Dealers and End Users can rely on speed and unmatched reliability with zero risk of technology sunset or cellular outages
  • AES Virtual Keypad enables full remote keypad operation through secure web portal and Apple iOS/Android smartphone and tablet devices


AES-IntelliNet patented long-range wireless private mesh radio technology is designed specifically for alarm communications, protecting people and property since 1974. AES solutions are developed for fire, burglary, central station receiver, interactive, government, and overseas building security applications.

AES Technology NC

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