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Concord® control panels display messages in a large and easy-to-see LCD window for simple, intuitive control of Concord Express and Concord 4 products.

  • Large display provides easy-to-read messages that indicate the current status of the system
  • Improved backlighting of display and keys for better visibility
  • Stand-alone panic and arming keys
  • Traditional design to blend with any décor
  • Easy to install
  • The touchpad includes police, fire, and auxiliary panic buttons that can be activated any time
  • Built-in speaker provides alarm, status, and button-press sounds is the leading connected home platform used by millions to make their homes safer, smarter and more efficient.Our exclusive focus on cloud services for the connected home means that we always have access to the most innovative, highly sticky solutions, allowing us to develop long-lasting customer relationships.

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Through our cloud-hosted services and sensor data, is able to provide customers with continuously evolving and improving features that are offered by no one else.


Protecting your family is serious business, which is why we take our business equally as serious. When selecting your security system, carefully consider the communication options and features. While most systems provide basic home
protection, the right communication capabilities greatly enhance the security performance of your system. Adding a cellular  Communication link not only strengthens your security system but also keeps you connected to what matters most— your family.

Use the Virtual Keypad app to remotely access interior and exterior wireless IP video cameras. View the images live, record video clips, or have clips emailed to you.

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