sonos alert

This is an update for all of our customers who are currently using legacy SONOS sound system equipment.

The pace of innovation has started to stretch the capabilities of the oldest Sonos products to their technical limit. These products no longer have the memory or processing power to support future innovation. Starting May 2020, these products will no longer receive software updates or new features.

This does not mean that your equipment will stop working in May or that you will immediately start to experience issues with your system. It does mean that it’s a good time to start looking at your upgrade options going forward. We are already taking the necessary steps to become an upgrade partner for our customers so don’t worry Sandhills Home Theater is ready to work through the process with you.

The first step is to download this document provided by SONOS to see if your system is one of those effected.

If you have questions on your SONOS equipment and the impending end of software updates please call us at (910) 692-2871