The twinkling lights, the letters to Santa, the stories and carols are all part of the tradition that marks Christmas as a very special time.


In every part of the world, kids prepare a plate of cookies for Santa’s snack when he visits their homes on Christmas Eve. The tradition of leaving cookies for Santa is believed to have started at the time of the Great Depression by parents wanting to inspire their children to share with others, especially during a time of great need. Now kids happily leave cookies and milk for Santa knowing in the morning there will be just a few crumbs on the plate, and an empty glass signifying that the jolly old man enjoyed his treat!


Traditions are important, and the ones you share with your children will eventually be passed on to their own families in the future. Why not make leaving cookies for Santa a special event? Choose a time to bake cookies together and let the little ones decorate the cookies they’ll be leaving for that jolly old elf. Santa doesn’t care if the cookies are slightly misshapen or garishly iced – he knows they were made with love and laughter! Play Christmas carols and holiday music while you work together, and fill your kitchen with sugary aromas and lots of giggles. It’s a little messy and a lot merry to build this tradition together. Allow the kids to stir the ingredients and sneak a taste. Let them decide on a pretty plate and glass for Santa’s snack, and help them write him a note to leave with the treat – something they can work on while the cookies bake. Smaller children can draw him a special picture to tuck in beside the plate.

Share your own childhood Christmas memories while you work, and talk about other family traditions special to these holidays. Children will remember fun activities you do together every year and look forward to continuing them. You can even talk about adding some new traditions to your family’s Christmas: new pajamas for everyone for Christmas Eve, searching for and cutting your own fresh tree, or sleeping around the Christmas tree one night during the season! It’s much more than simply making cookies with your children – you’re making cherished memories.

Here is another fun tradition to start with your children; A magic food for Santa’s reindeer to help them in their flight, with special moondust sprinkled in to shine throughout the night.


The Santa Alert

Central Security contact sensors are easy to install anywhere – on a door, an office drawer, even windows.  They can also send alerts to your smartphone whenever they’re opened or closed. By changing the name of a sensor on your system to “Chimney” on Christmas Eve, it’s easy to generate an alert that your chimney was accessed, to show the kids on Christmas morning.  Don’t have a chimney? You can set Santa up with his own keyless front door code and create an alert that way.

Here are a few safety tips to help keep your home secure during this holiday season.

Button up Your Home- Start by making sure all of your locks work properly. If any are missing or need to be replaced, take care of it right away. This includes window locks. Most people do not know that the factory locks installed in new windows don’t help much to keep experienced burglars out. However, you can buy specialty locks at your local hardware store or security retailer.

Lighting- Make sure all of your interior and exterior lights are working. If you have a home security system with home automation, time your lights to go on and off at various times and in various rooms, or control them remotely with your smartphone while you’re away. This will give the appearance of someone being in the house.

Hide your valuables- In an out-of-the-way place, preferably in a room that is in the most interior portion of your home. Avoid the master bedroom and living room, since these are areas burglars target first. The further into your home burglars must go, the less likely they are to stick around long enough to steal anything.

Social Media- Using your social media channels to broadcast plans to spend Christmas in Hawaii might also be telling burglars to target your home while you are away. Despite how much you love telling your friends and family, don’t. Wait until after you return before spreading the good cheer of your Hawaiian vacation.

Mail and Newspapers- We typically tell people to cancel mail and newspaper delivery when they intend to be away for an extended amount of time. But this may not be a good strategy during the holiday season. Why? Because, burglars might watch a street for a day or two and pick up on the postman not stopping to deliver mail. A better strategy might be to continue your newspaper and mail delivery but ask a neighbor to bring yours inside.

Trash at the Curb- You might be planning your own Christmas celebration at home before your departure. If so, do not tempt burglars with your trash. They may drive down the street looking for indications that you have purchased a new flat screen television, new computers, and so on. Any suspicion that your Christmas might be profitable could lead to a burglar paying a visit while you are gone.

It is unfortunate that we have to think about home security during what is supposed to be a festive time of year. But we do. So take the necessary precautions to keep your home safe this holiday season. You will enjoy your vacation that much more.

Central Security Systems wants you to have a Very Merry Christmas!

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