The status icon is the first icon on the second row


The individual security sensors are listed by zone/area. The status and settings for each of the sensors are shown in a list. If more than one page is required for the whole list, use the “Page Up” and “Page Down” buttons to

see the entire list. To see the history for a specific sensor, click “View.”


Alerts are messages about tampered sensors, low batteries, and failed communications. The total number of unacknowledged Alerts messages appears in the red bubble counter on this tab. The user may acknowledge each message separately, which will then eliminate the message from the list.


Alarms lists all unacknowledged messages about alarm events.


The last tab displays a history for all sensor activity connected to the IQ Panel . The system will store up to 100 events in the history listing.


Acknowledge a single alert by tapping the check box to the left. Acknowledge all the alerts by tapping the check box at the top of the table.


** If panel will not reset call Central Security at 910-692-2871. If afterhours ask answering service for the technician on call.**


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