Napco Magnum Alert 3000

To Reset the System

  • Press the ‘RESET’ key until the keypad beeps. Approximately 5 seconds.

To Silence a Fire Alarm

  • Enter code and press [ON/OFF] to silence the signal devices. If the signal devices have been silenced and a fire alarm condition has not been reset “*** FIRE STATUS***” will display then “FIRE SILENCED”.

To Reset a Fire Trouble

  • Enter code and press [INFO]. The keypad will display options on at a time. Press [NO] to continue to scroll options or [YES] to select option.

To Reset a Fire Alarm

  • Enter code and press [RESET]. The keypad sounder will silence; after a brief delay, the “FIRE/TBL” reminder should clear and the keypad display should return to “SYSTEM READY” with the green STATUS light on (no Burglary Zone is faulted).
  • To reset the initiating device, enter the code and press [FUNCTION] until “RESET SMOKE DEVICES” displays, then press [YES]. If the “FIRE/TBL” reminder does not clear, use the following to identify zones still in an alarm condition:
  • View the menu by entering code and pressing [FUNCTION].
  • Press [FUNCTION] until “DISPLAY FIRE ALM” appears, then press [YES].
  • Recheck devices indicated (wait for smoke to clear, etc.)
  • Repeat reset initiating device procedure.


** If panel will not reset call Central Security at 910-692-2871. If afterhours ask answering service for the technician on call.**