Napco Magnum Alert

1008, 1008E, & 1016E

All the Lights are Flashing and a Number is Displayed

  • This indicates a system trouble
  • Loss of AC Power
  • Low Battery
  • Communication Failure
  • E Prom Error
  • RF (Wireless) Trouble
  • Push and hold ‘Reset’ (9) to temporarily clear a trouble. To clear a comm. Failure, you must send a successful communication. Call the central station and put the system on test, then initiate an alarm (Medical- ‘A’ + ‘#’). This will clear the trouble.


To Stop Beeping

  • Press and hold the ‘9’ key for five seconds.

To Reset the System

  • Press and hold the ‘9’ key until the keypad beeps.
  • When a “P” (Priority Trouble) is indicated on the keypad, enter your code once and then hold the ‘9’ key until the keypad beeps. This should clear any troubles.


** If panel will not reset call Central Security at 910-692-2871. If afterhours ask answering service for the technician on call.**