ITI Pro Series

To Stop Beeping

  • Press the ‘STATUS’ key twice to display trouble/supervisory.
  • Power Failure
  • In the case of a power failure, the system will beep periodically. To silence the beeping for up to ten hours, enter the code and press the number ‘1’ (OFF). The battery will continue to operate the system in a normal manner for up to 24 hours. Keypad will go blank after about 15 minutes (to conserve battery power). The keypad will return to an active status after any button is pressed.


To Reset the System

  • Enter code and press the number ‘1’ (OFF). Afterwards, press the ‘STATUS’ key twice.


Alarm Memory

  • An alarm will stay in memory until the next alarm occurs or until it has been cleared. To clear alarm memory, enter sensor test by entering the code + the number ‘9’. The panel will announce, “Sensor test is on.” Afterwards, enter the code and hit the number ‘1’ to exit sensor test. The panel will announce, “Alarm system is off.”
  • To check alarm memory, press the ‘COMMAND’ AND ‘STATUS’ buttons. If clear, the panel will announce, “Alarm memory OK.”




** If panel will not reset call Central Security at 910-692-2871. If afterhours ask answering service for the technician on call.**