Honeywell LYNX Panels


Fault 103







Lowbat (no zone no.)

Lowbat (with zone no.)


Indicates that a problem exists with the zone(s) displayed, accompanied by rapid beeping. First, determine if the zone(s) displayed are intact and make them so if they are not. If the zone uses a wireless detector, check that changes in the room (moving furniture, televisions, etc.) are not blocking wireless signals from the detector. If the problem has been corrected, the zone descriptor(s) and FAULT should disappear from the display. If not, key an OFF sequence (security  code plus OFF) to clear the display. A fault condition Can also indicate a wiring problem. If the “FAULT” display persists, notify your service company. Note that the system will not allow arming if a fault condition exists. To arm the system with a fault condition present, you must first bypass the zone(s) having the fault condition.

Indicates an ECP communications/supervision failure, case tamper or low battery.

Indicates that a failure has occurred in the telephone communication portion of your system or a problem with the phone line existed when dialing was attempted.

Indicates that the control is on-line with the central station’s remote computer. The control will not operate while on-line. Wait a few Minutes. The display should disappear.

If this remains displayed for more than 1 minute, the system is disabled.

Indicates backup LRR/GSM/IP module communication failure (displayed on RF Keypad only)

Alarm Cancelled Indicates a cancelled alarm. See Entry/Exit Delay section

Exit Error Indicates an exit alarm. See Entry/Exit Delay section. 90 Indicates that the system has detected an RF jam condition or excessive interference. If the condition persists, notify your service company.

Accompanied by a once-per 45 seconds beeping at the keypad, indicates a low system battery condition exists. Refer to the Changing the Lynx Plus Series System Battery section.

Accompanied by a once-per-45 seconds beeping at the keypad, indicates a low battery  condition exists in the wireless transmitter displayed.

Accompanied by a once-per-45 seconds beeping at the keypad, indicates a low battery condition exists in a wireless keypad.

** If panel will not reset call Central Security at 910-692-2871. If afterhours ask answering service for the technician on call.**