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This species of orchid is called Bulbophyllum longissimum, more commonly known as the long petaled bulbophyllum. Bulbophyhyllum longissimum orchids are found in Thailand, Myanmar, Borneo, and Malaysia at lower elevations. This orchid normally blooms in the spring on an erect or pendant, 8″ long inflorescence from which arises a 5 to 10 flowered, apical umbel of fragrant flowers eventually elongating to 11″ that lasts roughly a week in good condition.

This species does will in partial shade and warm to hot temperatures. It requires regular fertilizer and watering. Potting mix should dry slightly between watering. Maintain 50% – 80% relative humidity.

This bulbophyllum longissium orchid is a recently acquired plant from Windy Hill Gardens. It arrived in mid-October with two flower spikes, however, one was damaged in transit. The plant is currently potted in a bark mix that should be watered weekly unless the weight of the pot becomes lighter berfore then. Once it is finished blooming, it will be mounted to cork bark with coconut husk fiber around the roots. After mounting the plant, it will be hung horizontally in the greenhouse. It is better to hang bulbophyllum orchids horizontally as opposed to vertically so the plants have more time to absorb water. Once mounted, the plant will need water every one to three days. If the plant were immature or going to be grown on a window sill, it would be better to use a net basket with sphagnum moss and/or bark with sponge rock and charcoal.

I hope you have enjoyed our first orchid blog post. Check back soon for more posts of different, rare, and unusual orchids.  If you would like to know more about this beauty or schedule a tour of our greenhouse be sure to contact Jason Harpster here at our office 910-638-4047. Tours are by appointment only.

Source: www.orchidspecies.com



Bulbophyllum Longissimum Orchid
Bulbophyllum Longissimum Orchid

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