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HDTV Calibration NC
HDTV Calibration NC

Sandhills Home Theater features Imaging Science Foundation

The standards for color and picture in our modern television system are changing rapidly in order to cater to high definition technology, and the general advancements in color and picture in general. In short, the TV viewing experience is vastly improving and LG is at the forefront of this revolution.

NTSC was implemented nearly fifty years ago, adding color to our existing black and white television system. Despite solid grounding in the science of color and light perception, NTSC has a history of inconsistent picture reproduction.

Today we are witnessing the birth of digital television (DTV), an era that has promised to eradicate the ills of conventional TV. Once again, however, it is not common knowledge that DTV and all modern electronic imaging systems are indeed based upon the same fundamental principles of our original NTSC system. Without an understanding of, and careful attention to, the established standards, DTV will fall victim to difficulties similar to those which have plagued NTSC.


When an ISF technician calibrates the device, LG displays will store all the settings and enable the ISF day and ISF night on screen modes. ISFccc is designed so that the homeowner can simply choose the ISF modes for the best picture quality, potentially eliminating many service calls by simply guiding a customer to the ISF mode. LG customers can legitimately claim that their TV is professionally set up and personal- ized for their unique system and home environment, day or night.


By using a pattern generator and a color temperature analyzer, you have the tools to properly calibrate the grayscale and to properly set your colors and color temperature. The cost for these tools can range from $3000 to over $10,000

When your calibrator is finished, he will give you a report on your TV’s pre- and post-calibration characteristics. They will show the adjustments made for color temperature and for the grayscale. The main benefits of calibration are:

• Increased image clarity and sharpness
• Increased detail in the darkest and brightest part of the picture
• Deeper and darker blacks
• Better color purity and picture quality
• Reduction in energy consumption by up to 60% and less heat output

Anyone who owns any of LG’s high quality displays deserves the best picture quality possible that’s tailored to the specific light and color conditions of that room. With ISF calibration, LG can ensure each user is getting their very own calibrated picture to give them the most optimal picture for their new TV in any setting.


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