The holidays may be all about your favorite traditions, but advanced smart home technology from Central Security Systems can make your season safer and smarter.  With these home automation tips, you’ll get more from your smart home system and more time to relax and enjoy your holidays too.

1: A Smarter Tree

Crawling around behind or under the Christmas tree to switch the light on is one holiday tradition we can do without.

Thanks to Central Security Systems, you can turn the tree lights on with just a tap on your smartphone. You can even automate your tree to light up at sunset, or when you arrive home and disarm your security system, then turn itself off automatically at midnight so you never forget.  Just add a smart plug to your system and connect your tree lights, and you’re ready to go.

2: Protect Your Porch

With deliveries, visiting guests and even the occasional caroler, there’s a lot of activity around your front porch this holiday season. Keep an eye on the action with instant video alerts delivered to your smartphone.

To avoid alert overload, customize your alerts with triggers that record only when there’s certain activity – like the front door opening or even motion.  In the event of an alarm, by the way, you’ll always get pre- and post-alarm footage automatically.

You can place a camera that looks out through a window, or you can choose an outdoor camera that can handle the dropping temps and snow storms.  Central Security Systems makes installation easy and will find the right position to capture all the action.

3: The Santa Alert 

Central Security Systems contact sensors are easy to install anywhere – on a door, an office drawer, even windows.  They can also send alerts to your smartphone whenever they’re opened or closed. By changing the name of a sensor on your system to “Chimney” on Christmas Eve, it’s easy to generate an alert that your chimney was accessed, to show the kids on Christmas morning.  Don’t have a chimney? You can set Santa up with his own keyless front door code and create an alert that way.

4: Heat the Halls

Whether you’re visiting family, entertaining guests or just enjoying some down time this holiday, having a smart thermostat will keep up with your schedule.

If you’re headed out of town, you can instantly override your usual schedule by turning on “away mode” for savings.  If you have houseguests who like to fiddle with the temperature, set up an instant alert so you know right when the target temperature is changed.  You can discreetly adjust it back to where you like it using your mobile app.

5: The Thirsty Tree Tracker

Letting a real Christmas tree dry out makes more than a mess – it can become a fire hazard. An water sensor can help you keep tabs on it so it doesn’t dry out.

The water sensor was designed for early flood detection, but with a little creativity it has a great holiday use too. First, place a water sensor in your tree stand’s tray. Then, plug your tree lights into a smart plug. You can now create a rule that if your water sensor reads “dry”, your tree lights will switch themselves off.

Whether your goals are protecting your home or business from fire or burglary to having the ultimate, customized entertainment system, Central Security Systems, Inc. & Sandhills Home Theater will create the system that is right for you. Since our incorporation in 1983, our main focus has been building lasting relationships with our customers; we look forward to building that same relationship with you!

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Happy Holidays from Central Security Systems and Sandhills Home Theater!

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