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Beam Industries manufactures the most comprehensive line of central vacuum systems available anywhere. Beam has more power unit models, more hose selections and more attachments than any other company.

This simply means that you, as a Beam dealer, have a far more comprehensive line to offer customers. That means you have, at your finger tips, a tremendous selling advantage over the competition…an advantage you can use to dispel price, product and performance questions a customer may bring up.

The purpose of this primer is to give you some sales features, advantages and benefits in order to help you sell more product in a competitive marketplace. By possessing complete product knowledge, you should be able to alleviate any customer concerns over competitive brands and get the sale.

Building a Green home?

Whether you’re building a green home, your dream home, or upgrading an existing home, Beam offers products to improve the home’s Indoor environmental Quality (IeQ). IEQ is an important part of green building guidelines and requires the reduction of indoor air pollutants to qualify for certification. Both, Beam central vacuum systems and Beam HEPA air filtration systems, reduce pollutants and improve indoor air quality. Your Beam Dealer can install a central vacuum system and HEPA air filtration system in just hours.


Beam Central Vacuum Features

  • Lifetime warranty on power unit body and filter
  • Quiet PakTm sound Insulation system makes Beam the quietest central vacuum available
  • High efficiency motor delivers cleaning up to five times more powerful than upright models
  • Permanent self-cleaning hePa filter from the inventors of GORE-TEX® fabric

Improving Indoor air Quality?

According to the EPA, indoor air is often up to five times more polluted than outside air. Your family deserves the cleanest, safest air. Beam’s central vacuum systems are designed to remove 100% of contacted dirt, dust, debris, and animal dander from the home’s living space. Beam is the only central vacuum system proven to relieve allergy symptoms by up to 61%. To find out more on the UC Davis study, visit beam.com.




Beam HEPA Air Filtration Systems

The Beam HEPA air filtration units are designed as a ‘bypass’ system, which takes a portion of the air from the furnace’s cold air return, cleans it through the filter and then circulates it throughout the home. The systems can also be installed independent of the home’s furnace, in the attic, a closet, or storage room. Beam also has a portable HEPA air filtration unit available, which requires no installation.

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