If you’ve ever spent an hour deciding what movie to watch on Netflix, then you’re not alone. The responsibility of picking a movie that’s right for the mood or for the specific group of people watching is not to be taken lightly. The wrong movie can easily kill the vibe of an otherwise enjoyable evening.

The movies we choose to watch are important, but the way we watch movies is arguably even more important. Little flourishes – such as lighting dimmed to the perfect level, or design elements that make you feel like you’re in the golden age of Hollywood – can really enhance your movie watching experience.

Home theater setups can be either mundane or extraordinary. If you’re striving to create memorable movie nights for years to come, then consider these 3 home theater setups. We’ve also included some automation tips, so you can really get the most out of your home theater/media room.

If you can dream it, Sandhills Home Theater can make bring it to life.



When Hollywood goes to the movies, it’s a big event. Why not add some of the glitz and glitter of tinsel town to your own home theater setup?

To capture that red carpet feel, consider these design features:

  • Stadium seating
  • A curtain that dramatically opens when the movie starts
  • Accent lights that point down on the walls (creating a movie theater effect)
  • A projector setup (rather than flat screen)
  • Posters and collages of movie stars on the walls
  • An actual red carpet

Automation tips:

Have the curtains open, lights dim, and movie start with the press of a single button on your universal remote

Create your own custom audio introduction to play on the overhead speakers at the start of a movie (using your best In a World voice-over expression)

Have your movie pause automatically for any “distractions” (such as a ringing doorbell)



Who says home theaters are just for movies? Gamers are fanatical about their setups, and the possibilities that home automation has to offer can take gaming to a whole new level. Here are some examples of ways you can optimize your gaming room:

  • Video game controller dock stations attached to each seat
  • Multi-screen setup
  • Wide armrests, reclining backs, and footrests
  • Set the lighting and décor to coincide with your favorite games (military theme for first-person shooters, renaissance theme for fantasy games, etc.)

Automation tips:

Program the sound to switch between background music and game audio with the press of a button

Connect seamlessly with the internet for online gaming

Automate your victory song to play when you deliver that final death punch

Set lights to automatically come up when you pause the game



For the avid sports fan, a home theater offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in your passion. With the right setup, you can feel like you’re actually there, at the big game.

Whether you’re throwing the ultimate super bowl party, or you want to be able to watch several games simultaneously, here are some ideas for creating the ideal home sports-viewing experience:

  • Emulate the sports bar, with multiple flat screens, bar stools, and sports memorabilia
  • Put up large murals of your favorite sports stadiums
  • Give it a man cave feel with a bar, pool table, etc.
  • Incorporate plenty of counter space (coffee tables, small tables, etc.) for snacks and drinks

Automation tips:

Automate your lights to flicker or create a colorful effect at the press of a button, when your team scores

Allow family members to access your media library from anywhere in the house (so they don’t have to watch sports if they don’t want to)

Broadcast multiple games on multiple screens



Perhaps nowhere else in your home has more potential for the power of automation than your home theater/media room.

Having an awesome home theater setup, complete with home automation, isn’t necessarily going to save you if you pick a dud of a movie to watch. So choose wisely, grab some popcorn, curl up with the people you care about, and enjoy the show.


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